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Photo credit: Matt Singer

Dr. Brent MacNeil has been my back pain wizard for the last several years. A compassionate chiropractor who looks at the whole person and always makes me laugh and feel at ease in every treatment.

I am grateful for his holistic professional approach to healing since 2008. Today, he continues to contribute to my quality of life and a healthy spine. In a physically demanding career as a yoga instructor, his therapy keeps me bendy and pain free to do what I love best at work and at play.

Thank you Brent.

Helen Fong

A long-time advocate of chiropractic care, it is critical for me to have great rapport with, and faith in, my chiropractor. Dr. MacNeil has been treating me for four years now, and his professionalism, personality and humour, and effective techniques have been essential to my continued back pain management and spine health.

Dr. MacNeil provides education on maintaining posture, tips and exercises to correct poor spine habits, and has always been able to quickly and effectively diagnose and treat any spine and joint issues, particularly when I first took up running.

I recommend Dr. MacNeil for anyone either looking for a great chiropractor in HRM, or anyone who has been hesitant to try chiropractic care. You will quite literally be in great hands.

Lisa J Olie, Sales and Marketing Specialist Halifax, NS

"My parents started taking me to Dr. MacNeil about two years ago initially for consistent hip flexure and hip pain from playing sports. I initially thought it was from an injury/muscle and tendon pull to those areas, but Dr. MacNeil noticed my lower back and hips were out of line, causing the issue. Two adjustments later I was back to normal, and now I only go when I need to or I like to get a tune up before a big race."
Camden Springer

Camden Springer won three gold medals in individual events (400M, 800M, 1500M) and a silver in the relay this past track season (2016) at the Provincial championships. And he set a new provincial record in the 800M.

He also was the youngest member of Team Nova Scotia’s National Youth Track and Field team, and competed at the Nationals in Quebec in August 2016, bringing home the bronze!